Canvas Masterpiece

Well, this is my first post!
I’m backdating this project for my January project as I completed it in January but had not yet decided to start my PinQuest.
The following picture is what was posted to Pinterest from a blog namedVirginia & Charlie.
Her and I had two different takes on the project, but used the same medium. Puffy paint.
I didn’t use elmers glue because in my experience I knew that it didn’t dry as puffy as one would think. It generally flattens out after it dries. I may or may not know this from making glue pools in my metal elementary school desk and revelling in the experience of pulling them off as dried blobs. Don’t tell me I’m the only one??
Anyways, I decided to go with a white puffy paint. It’s a little more pricey than elmers glue, but if you want the pop up effect then this is my best suggestion. It had a tip perfect for the job, especially since I wanted fine details and small print. I did however go over it 2-3 times again, just to make it pop that much more.
I also decided to do my husband and I’s wedding vows on the canvas instead of just a design. Also, I did not paint onto wax paper and glue it on later. Instead, I drew my design directly on the canvas, made sure it was just the way I wanted, and then started to puffy paint over it.
The only problem with doing it this way is that if you do make a mistake in drawing the design, you will see that after you’ve painted because there won’t be puffy paint over it. I fixed this by doing a light coat of white acrylic paint over the entire canvas once the puff paint had dried. Spray paint would also work.
Another suggestion I’ve heard would be hot glue, and I strongly considered this, but decided against it. A hot glue gun would interfere with your ability to control what you were doing, as well as leave those oh so hated glue strings when you pull away. It would also require you to try and paint over it, which is also not an easy venture. So all in all, puffy paint (can be found at Wal-Mart and any craft store) is my suggestion.


The picture below is my completed project.

At the time I wasn’t sure where to put it so my husband walked over and put it on top of my antique type writer. I think he did well, what do you think?


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