Butter-Pecan Sweet Potatoes

I pinned a recipe for sweet potatoes to see if I can find something else to replace my usual sweet potato fries. Below is the recipe and photo from All Things Simple.


Sounds delicious right? That’s what I though…but once I had made them I found they are actually rather plain. I wasn’t too impressed with this recipe. It is very similar to making the basic sweet potato fry, except you throw in some pecans and a little sugar.

As I was following the recipe I came to the instruction “Sprinkle with butter”. Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve never sprinkled butter before. So unfortunately, the butter ends up more in globs than anything and you have to stir it around to mix it over the potatoes. Then you’re supposed to add the brown sugar and pecans and put it in the oven to caramelize. It didn’t really do that, I could have just mixed them in and not thrown them in the oven again and would have had the same result.

All in all, the recipe tasted good, but I probably wouldn’t make it again. If you do want to try the recipe however, I would suggest maybe making them over the stove instead of the oven. Cook over low heat and covered, then when the potatoes are el dante add the butter, sugar and pecans and continue to cook until they’ve reached the desired tenderness.

Just for a little extra something, here’s the recipe I use to make sweet potato fries:

Cut into small strips 1-3 sweet potatoes (depends on how many fries you want)

Put them on a cookie sheet and sprinkle with olive oil. Stir them around a bit and make sure they have a little bit of oil on each fry. Season with seasoning salt.

Bake at 350 for 15-30 minutes (again, depending on how many you’ve made and how you like them, I like mine with no crunch so I cook them for quite a while)

Take out of the oven and there you have it, a healthy fry! I like to mix up some sour cream with sweet and spicy Thai sauce to dip in. Mmm…

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