Upholstered Wall Hangings

Well folks, this is by far my favourite pin thus far. Not because it looks better than any others I’ve done or because the end result was any better, but because of how easy it was!

If you’re one of those people who love Pinterest and all the great DIY projects but think you don’t have the skills to make it, then this is the pin for you! It took me 45 min from planning to install. That’s it. It really is that easy.

The pin came from a blog called The New England Southerner. Now being that I live in a rental we are trying to not put too many holes in the walls or hang heavy items, so I’ve been looking around trying to find things to decorate with that fit this criteria. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to decorate a small space without putting things on the walls. So when I came across this pin I thought it was ingenious.

To make these wall hangings all you need to do is pick out a great fabric to match your decor, pick up some foam insulation from any hardware store (I used 1/4 inch thick and it was $6 for the whole sheet which made all 3 of my panels) and have a staple gun on hand. Then you measure the space, decide how big you want each panel to be and measure your materials out. All that’s left now is to fold over the fabric and staple it onto the insulation. I took a picture to show you how I did it.

You’ll notice that I have quite a bit of overhang on the bottom. That’s because I decided not to cut the fabric more in case I wanted to use it someday for something else. The great thing about these panels is that because it’s just insulation and staples, if you ever get bored of the fabric and want to change it up, it’s super easy! Just pull out the staples and assemble new fabric.

In total these cost me $18 plus staples (like a few cents?). A great price for a great addition to any space that has a blank wall and needs a little pizazz!

Oh, and some of you are probably wondering how to hang something like this. Again, really easy. Because it’s simply Styrofoam and fabric all I did was poke a nail through the top and bottom, yes through the fabric and all, nail it into the wall behind it and then pull the fabric over the nail head so it’s not visible. Done! Use a nail with the smallest head possible and once it’s through the fabric you should be able to scrape your nail over the surface and move the threads back into place making the nail look like it was never there.

I honestly hope someone else tries this project. It’s fast, it’s simple and it looks great!


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