Tile Coasters

This PinQuest was a lesson in following directions. Now that may sounds like a bit of a duh moment, but in the crafting world, there’s often substitutes and slightly different ways of doing things to get the same end product. This project however, was not the case.

After making my coffee table I decided I wanted coasters to go with it. I’d seen a Pin where you use 4×4″ tiles and black and white photos. I liked the look and so that’s the coasters I chose. However, there was 2 different tutorials on the same project, using different supplies. One used resin and one used Mod Podge. I found that resin would be very expensive for the amount of coasters I wanted to do. Great if you were making many for gifts, but there’s be too much left over for my small project. So I went with the Modge Podge way found at The Frugal Girls.com.
The way you’re supposed to do this is Mod Podge your photos to the tile then finish with a few layers of Acrylic High Gloss Coating Spray.
While perusing Michaels for supplies I found a spray on glue and was having a hard time finding the hight gloss acrylic coating spray so I found a normal gloss spray.
The results were as follows (and no, the picture is not blurry, the coaster is):
Not the best outcome. I’m not sure if it was the spray glue or the gloss that made it blurry. It also caused strange snowflake like blemishes, you can see them on the right edge of this coaster. I’m guessing the gloss spray, as it didn’t even smudge the photo, just seemed to react with the photo properties and blurred the image.
So I peeled off all the pictures, went and bought the proper materials and tried again.
They worked this time!
The tutorial is a good one to follow. One suggestion I would make is to make absolute sure that when you put a layer of Mod Podge over the photos, to smooth it out so there are no ridges once it dries. If there is, then these will not go away unless you do another layer of smooth Mod Podge before spraying on the acrylic gloss. I’ve also read somewhere that you can sand Mod Podge with a light sand paper, but I didn’t try that. Didn’t want to risk ruining it again!
Hope someone out there tries these coasters out. They’re really nice and it’s a great way to have photos around the house other than on the walls.

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