Balsamic Roast Beef


A few days ago I found this roast recipe on Pinterest, originally My thought was, basamic vinigar and beef, hmm…could be good, could be terrible. Lets try it!

And so I did. It turned out really well! I love cooking roasts in the slow cooker because they always turn out so good, fall apart to the touch and usually moist. This recipe was 2 out of 3. I had a hard time getting the roast out of the crock pot because it kept falling apart. It ended up a little dry but that’s my fault. It ended up cooking an extra 2 hours on low than it was supposed to since we had running around to do before we could sit down to eat. But throw on the gravy I made with the leftover juices and it wasn’t even noticeable. 

It’s such a versatile recipe, we ate it on open faced sandwiches one night and the leftovers on rice. If you aren’t used to vinegary taste, then this recipe may surprise you at first bite, but after you get accustomed to it, you’ll see that it complimented the beef well and made for a quick, tasty, easy meal. 

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