My DIY Wedding – The Finale


Last but not least, the send off. I couldn’t not post about this, as you likely have seen a picture of the sparklers and chalkboard sign already. This was a good end to a great day.

There are pictures floating around Pinterest of a couple being circled around with sparkler. This is partially where I found the idea. I’m not sure how feasible this actually is, but having everyone involved and celebrating with sparklers was a nice addition to our night.


My DIY Wedding – Pulling It All Together

All these ideas, but how to piece them together…

That just comes down to the individual. Below are a few photos of how we pulled everything together and made it into my dream venue.



Old frames, burlap, bunting, a little bit of draping sheets and you have yourself a head table.


Looking from the head table towards the guest tables.



Table setting. Old book, table number, spoon name plates, mason jar glasses…


Who doesn’t love a candy bar?


Drink bar


I told you, lots and lots of burlap bunting.


Lots and lots of mason jar lanterns. See how they set the mood?

My DIY Wedding – The Fun Ideas

Pinterest is full of fun ideas to make the day just that bit more personal. These are some of the ones I put into my day.


The hangars with Bride or Mrs.____ on them are super cute. Everyone takes a picture of their dress on it’s own, why not add this touch? I made my own just by bending the wire into the word, drilling 2 holes into a wooden hanger and insert (with crazy glue of course).


I even made one for each of my bridesmaids, just to show them how awesomely special they are and how much I love them.


Something blue. Get your bridesmaids to use blue Sharpie and sign your shoes. Great keepsake for yourself and saves them buying you a card 😉 or wearing those blue underwear that would potentially show through your dress (oh, did I say that out loud?)


A guest quilt. Instead of a guest book, which will end up on a shelf and never looked at again, why not a quilt? I picked colours to match our bedroom decor and made the quilt myself. You could also probably buy one somewhere, or maybe you have a grandmother who wants to do something special to help out? This will  be in our home forever and it’s used much more than a book would be. Plus, it has warm fuzzies written on it, keeps you warm and gives you fuzzy feelings. What more can you ask for?

Oh, one suggestion I would make for this, is that if you’re making it yourself, make it two sided. That way you can have the signatures on one side, and the other side will look like a normal quilt.


Another thing Pinterest has is cute quotes. This is one we used, again on a homemade chalk board.


What’s a wedding without a sparkler send off? Pretty self explanatory and gave the guests something fun to do as they said goodbye, the kids loved it too.

My DIY Wedding – The Gifts

The Gifts


Who doesn’t love a mason jar wine glass?? These are probably the only thing I decided to buy pre-made instead of making my own. Strictly on the basis that I found them for around $5 each and that was good enough for me! Trying to find the bases for the jars was not in my agenda, neither did I want to have to buy them in bulk. We got one for each of our wedding party and ourselves to take home as a thank you gift.



For the guests we had a few different things. I’m not one for place cards. I don’t really like the look of them and wanted something with more of a lasting impression. I’d seen these spoons done up on Pinterest for herb gardens and the sort. They looked easy enough, so I thought, why not do 100? One for each guest as a special take home…

DON’T DO IT! I’m serious about this one. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the end result, but it was NOT easy. First of all, I had to find silver spoons. Not just silver plated, but actual silver spoons. Another item that can be quite costly. Fortunately there is the world of ebay and I was able to find them at a decent price. Next, you have to pound each one out flat. Sounds easier than it is. In the end I had two wonderful strong men using sledge hammers pounding out my beautiful spoons for me (couldn’t have done it without them). Next, you have to purchase letter stamps that can hold up to being pounded into metal without flattening themselves. If you don’t get a good enough set, you’ll hit one letter and have no letter stamp left for the next. Then the tedious work of lining up, double lining up and pounding each letter in individually. Don’t mess up, because lining it up exactly the next hit is nearly impossible. You also can’t bounce the hammer or the stamp or you’ll end up with a double vision letter. After you’ve done all of that, the easy part of colouring each spoon with a Sharpie and then using rubbing alcohol to wipe off the excess is the finishing touch.

Folks, I sincerely, dearly, genuinely, from the bottom of my heart, urge you not to try this at home.


The next take home gift for the guests was the candy bar of course, and what not better than these cute little bags to go with it? If you can sew, you can make these. Most time consuming part was putting the drawstring in, but they’re worth it. Then find a stamp or a few stamps that you like and make them pretty!


Finally, you’ll need to do thank you cards or photos as many are doing today. Why not say thank you IN the photo? We made ours out of burlap bunting (another thing I chose to make way too much of). You can make this little addition out of anything you’d like. Easy and looks nice.

My DIY Wedding – The Props

I think it’s long overdue that I post about my wedding. It feels like only yesterday, however it’ll soon be our one year anniversary and I can’t believe how time has flown.

Now as most of us know, Pinterest is populated by many many wedding ideas. We’re all dreamers and lets face it, Pinterest is used mostly by those of the female population, so of course there’s going to be lots about weddings! So naturally, that’s where I looked for ideas.

I’m a DIYer, if you haven’t noticed. I was also only formally engaged for 2 months (no, it wasn’t shotgun or anything like that, just didn’t see a point in waiting). But I still wanted to have the wedding of my dreams, so with a LOT of help and a LOT of work, we made it a success. Doing a DIY wedding is definitely not for everyone, in fact, if you have the money to buy most of the things that you love on Pinterest and don’t want to take a lot of time to make things, then it’s a good route to go. I basically spent those 2 months before the big day crafting, gluing, sewing, bending, painting, stapling, pounding and stringing during every free moment I had. If that’s how you enjoy spending your time, then join the ranks of us DIYer’s, but if you just love the look of it then there are many of us out there willing to make it for you!

What I’m going to show you are all of (or most of) the ideas that I took from Pinterest and used in my own wedding. I’ll let you know how successful they were, how much skill was involved and how long it took to do. Hopefully it will help someone out there in planning their wedding or add more photos to the dream boards of Pinterest 🙂

I’ll be posting this in 5 sections, so keep checking back for more updates!

First up,

The Props

Probably one of the biggest things people get into posting on Pinterest is all the cutsie things that pull a wedding venue together and give it a theme. These are the props. They’re also what takes the most work in planning where they go, exactly what to do with each item and making them (if you’re like me).

These post signs were really easy to do. They did take some time though because you want the words to come out just right and be readable. I used old pallet planks and sawed them into arrows then traced each letter out individually with templates cut on a Cricut.  I wanted to make sure each word fit and they were centered. After tracing, went back and painted in each letter.


This picture has 2 DIY projects. These are both easy as well. I love chalkboards, and with chalkboard paint, anything can be made into one! I saw somewhere in my Pinterest browsing silver trays as chalkboards and thought it was the smartest idea, so you’ll see throughout that I made a few of them and used them in different places. The other item seen in this picture is the seating chart on chicken wire in a colourful frame. Another easy project. All you need is an old frame, some spray paint, chicken wire and a staple gun. It’s a cute way to keep with the theme and still have a “formal” seating chart.


Table numbers…Oh the many way to do table numbers… I saw this one quite a while ago on Pinterest. I don’t believe the original pin was for wedding table numbers but I loved it and just had to have it! The hardest part of this project was finding the doorknobs and doorplates at a reasonable price. Because they are antiques you can spend upwards of $100 or more per set (meaning 1 door knob and 1 plate to go with it). I just wasn’t willing to pay that much so it took quite some time to find them. I bought all of mine off of ebay and they didn’t come in sets. I had to buy knobs and plates here and there, then piece them together afterwards. Another thing that will happen is that because they’re antiques again, they will most likely have some blemishes or even be strange colours. To remedy this and keep them all looking similar, I bought a metal spray paint that was bronze coloured and went to town. Voila! They all match. I’ve also seen on Pinterest ways to remove the paint afterwards, so if you’re concerned about “ruining” them, I wouldn’t worry too much.
The next hardest part about this project was getting the knobs to stay in place. They don’t have screw holes in the back, in fact they don’t even have round holes. The mechanism back then was square, so alas, crazy glue was my end solution. It works…but only for a short time. Don’t drop them or try to hang anything on them if you do it this way, they’ll break. Caulking could also be a way to go in adhering them to the plates permanently.
The last and final thing for this project is to chose what you’ll do for the numbers. You can buy house numbers if you can find them the right size or you can do what I did (the cheaper way) and use a router to drill in the numbers then paint them in.
Put it all together and you have a very attractive number for one table….oh, you have more than 6-8 guests? Well enjoy! I had to make 13 so I feel your pain. But they were worth it!


Next up is the use of a dresser and the poofs (as I call them). Lets start with the poofs. Great little things! They are so easy to do and they really do look great, especially as space fillers. We had our wedding in a green house, so I wanted to decorate up the walls as much as possible to give it a homey feel instead of industrial. Note: brown tissue paper is extremely hard to find! Who knew? But you know what works? Paper towel from the folded paper towel dispensers. You know the stuff, the old dispensers before they started doing rolls. You may think I’m crazy but they were my favourite end result. 2 pieces and you have the cutest poof ever and in a great colour!


I saw the use of a dresser as a prop once while scrolling through pins and couldn’t get it out of my mind. I just loved the way it looked. So naturally, it became the star of my dessert buffet (or was that the dessert? Depends on who you ask) Either way, it added so much to the theme. We found that the space was limited though and to actually have enough dessert for everyone you’d almost need 2 or 3 dressers. So instead, we put boxes into the drawers and pulled them out, adding depth, layers and more space! Dressers, just do it.


89 lanterns. I think that’s the number we had by the end of it. These make a great prop for setting the atmosphere. But would I suggest making that many? Probably not…unless you have a lot of time as I’ve said before. They are easy though! Just some wire and a mason jar. What else can I say about these little darlings? Not much, they kindof speak for themselves.

This next item was hard to place in the headings. It’s not a prop, it’s not a gift, it’s not really something fun either. It’s something that basically every bride wears and is second to the dress and shoes. Your veil. Trending right now is the birdcage veil. I looked into buying one and then saw the prices that bridal stores were charging. Ridiculous. Especially when these are so easy to make. You can find tutorials online and buy the material as well, I found mine material on Etsy. The hardest thing was making it keep the right shape, but a little blow drying and pulling to set, and it was done. I strongly suggest trying to make your own if you’re crafty, if you’re not, then many people who are can sell you one.

Potato Salad with Country Ranch Dressing

Today’s tester recipe was bbq season inspired. I was looking for something tasty to go along with bbq pork chops and though I’d try to find a potato salad recipe. I’m not a big fan of potato salad usually but I figured that if I look hard enough, Pinterest wouldn’t let me down. The recipe I decided to try was from Better Homes & Gardens.

 003 (4)


For a potato salad it was quite labour intensive, but it was definitely worth it! I did the classic boiling of the potatoes instead of baking in the oven like the recipe says and did the onions & corn in a pan instead. For potato salads, I like the texture you get when boiling the potatoes more than baking (I think this way will take a bit off the cooking time as well).

This recipe is a nice change from the usual ol’ potato salad. The powdered ranch mix added zing, but it didn’t overpower the taste of all the other ingredients. The corn and avocado was also another welcomed addition! So if you have some time to try out this salad and venture from your normal recipe, I would absolutely recommend it!

Rice Noodle Veggie-Chicken Dinner

This recipe is sure to be a favourite once you try it! While searching for dinner last night, I found a recipe for Rice Noodle Veggie-Tofu Salad on My Now being that we’re meat lovers in this house and don’t care much for tofu, I decided to substitute in chicken. I also turned it into a warm pasta rather than a pasta salad, since I had to cook the chicken. I’m sure it would be just as good with tofu though.

The recipe itself was fantastic! The marinade was extremely flavourful and the chicken was the star of this dish. All the different vegetables made it filling and every bite had a bit of a different flavour to it. I especially like the use of rice noodles as a change from the every day pasta dish.

The marinade was so tasty that I will most likely try it with grilled chicken, baked chicken or even pork tenderloin.

This is a must try recipe!