Potato Salad with Country Ranch Dressing

Today’s tester recipe was bbq season inspired. I was looking for something tasty to go along with bbq pork chops and though I’d try to find a potato salad recipe. I’m not a big fan of potato salad usually but I figured that if I look hard enough, Pinterest wouldn’t let me down. The recipe I decided to try was from Better Homes & Gardens.

 003 (4)


For a potato salad it was quite labour intensive, but it was definitely worth it! I did the classic boiling of the potatoes instead of baking in the oven like the recipe says and did the onions & corn in a pan instead. For potato salads, I like the texture you get when boiling the potatoes more than baking (I think this way will take a bit off the cooking time as well).

This recipe is a nice change from the usual ol’ potato salad. The powdered ranch mix added zing, but it didn’t overpower the taste of all the other ingredients. The corn and avocado was also another welcomed addition! So if you have some time to try out this salad and venture from your normal recipe, I would absolutely recommend it!


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