My DIY Wedding – The Gifts

The Gifts


Who doesn’t love a mason jar wine glass?? These are probably the only thing I decided to buy pre-made instead of making my own. Strictly on the basis that I found them for around $5 each and that was good enough for me! Trying to find the bases for the jars was not in my agenda, neither did I want to have to buy them in bulk. We got one for each of our wedding party and ourselves to take home as a thank you gift.



For the guests we had a few different things. I’m not one for place cards. I don’t really like the look of them and wanted something with more of a lasting impression. I’d seen these spoons done up on Pinterest for herb gardens and the sort. They looked easy enough, so I thought, why not do 100? One for each guest as a special take home…

DON’T DO IT! I’m serious about this one. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the end result, but it was NOT easy. First of all, I had to find silver spoons. Not just silver plated, but actual silver spoons. Another item that can be quite costly. Fortunately there is the world of ebay and I was able to find them at a decent price. Next, you have to pound each one out flat. Sounds easier than it is. In the end I had two wonderful strong men using sledge hammers pounding out my beautiful spoons for me (couldn’t have done it without them). Next, you have to purchase letter stamps that can hold up to being pounded into metal without flattening themselves. If you don’t get a good enough set, you’ll hit one letter and have no letter stamp left for the next. Then the tedious work of lining up, double lining up and pounding each letter in individually. Don’t mess up, because lining it up exactly the next hit is nearly impossible. You also can’t bounce the hammer or the stamp or you’ll end up with a double vision letter. After you’ve done all of that, the easy part of colouring each spoon with a Sharpie and then using rubbing alcohol to wipe off the excess is the finishing touch.

Folks, I sincerely, dearly, genuinely, from the bottom of my heart, urge you not to try this at home.


The next take home gift for the guests was the candy bar of course, and what not better than these cute little bags to go with it? If you can sew, you can make these. Most time consuming part was putting the drawstring in, but they’re worth it. Then find a stamp or a few stamps that you like and make them pretty!


Finally, you’ll need to do thank you cards or photos as many are doing today. Why not say thank you IN the photo? We made ours out of burlap bunting (another thing I chose to make way too much of). You can make this little addition out of anything you’d like. Easy and looks nice.


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