My DIY Wedding – The Fun Ideas

Pinterest is full of fun ideas to make the day just that bit more personal. These are some of the ones I put into my day.


The hangars with Bride or Mrs.____ on them are super cute. Everyone takes a picture of their dress on it’s own, why not add this touch? I made my own just by bending the wire into the word, drilling 2 holes into a wooden hanger and insert (with crazy glue of course).


I even made one for each of my bridesmaids, just to show them how awesomely special they are and how much I love them.


Something blue. Get your bridesmaids to use blue Sharpie and sign your shoes. Great keepsake for yourself and saves them buying you a card 😉 or wearing those blue underwear that would potentially show through your dress (oh, did I say that out loud?)


A guest quilt. Instead of a guest book, which will end up on a shelf and never looked at again, why not a quilt? I picked colours to match our bedroom decor and made the quilt myself. You could also probably buy one somewhere, or maybe you have a grandmother who wants to do something special to help out? This will  be in our home forever and it’s used much more than a book would be. Plus, it has warm fuzzies written on it, keeps you warm and gives you fuzzy feelings. What more can you ask for?

Oh, one suggestion I would make for this, is that if you’re making it yourself, make it two sided. That way you can have the signatures on one side, and the other side will look like a normal quilt.


Another thing Pinterest has is cute quotes. This is one we used, again on a homemade chalk board.


What’s a wedding without a sparkler send off? Pretty self explanatory and gave the guests something fun to do as they said goodbye, the kids loved it too.


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