Chicken and Basil Stir-Fry

What do you think of when you think fresh Basil?

I know for certain that I don’t think stir-fry. I think of fresh bruschetta, crisp salads, sandwiches with a touch of spicy basil…definitely not stir-fry.  But what do you do when you have an abundance of basil and have already eaten too many tomatoes and salads over the summer? This was the question I went in search of answering when I found a Pin leading to this recipe on the Martha Stewart website.

First of all, lets state that the photo on her site is vastly misleading. With the amount of soy sauce that is in the recipe, there is no way to achieve that light coloured feel (Yes, colour has a feel). Thus, below is a photo of the actual dish I served.


However, the meal itself wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t anything to run out and make immediately, but it was decent as far as stir-fry’s go. As their comment for introducing the recipe states “If you see Thai basil (also called holy basil) at your market, give it a try.” I would describe this dish as exactly that, if you have too much kicking around it’s worth a meal. But I wouldn’t venture to say, “seek out this basil and try this recipe, it’ll blow your mind!” Or tastebuds in this case.


Homemade Pore Strips

I have a confession to make. I’ve always had issues with those pesky blackheads! So when I saw this pin on Pinterest for homemade pore strips, I couldn’t help but check it out.

Petit Elefant posted this recipe. I’ve tried store bought pore strips and though they worked great, however, I couldn’t justify the cost of them. The black heads just keep coming back, so I had to keep buying more!

So when I saw this pin, it was a “Why hadn’t I thought of that!” moment. Gelatin and milk is all you need to make these. It may sound too good to be true, but it actually works!

As any homemade vs. store bought product goes, the homemade doesn’t work AS WELL AS the store bought, but by comparing the price of the two, it’s worth it.

Following her easy steps, you’ll have your paste ready in no time. One thing I would like to mention though is to follow the measurements exactly. The consistency will seem too thick to spread before you microwave it, but it will thin out once you’ve done that. I made the mistake of adding more milk the first time around, and it did not harden as it was supposed to, therefore, not taking any blackheads out at all. I actually ended up with a goopy mess and just had to wipe it off. Oh, and it also smells really bad because of the gelatin, but again, it’s worth it.

My husband graciously let me take photos of him trying out the pore mask on his nose.


The pore strip will actually dry and harden once it is ready to come off.


and here is a picture of just how well this works. You can see how much came off with the strip!


So if you’re like me and have problems with blackheads, or you just want to get all your dead skin off (it works for that too!), then I would definitely suggest trying this out!