DIY Cinnamon Ornaments

It’s time for one more Christmas post. I won’t promise it’s the last though!

I’ve seen quite a few pins related to DIY cinnamon ornaments and loved the idea so thought I’d give them a try. I was looking for something unique to use as gift tags for my Christmas gifts and thought these would be great. They smell great, look cute AND they’re re-usable! I’m sure they’d look great just hung on a doorknob or throw them into a drawer to keep it smelling like Christmas all year round. 001

I used a recipe from McCormick’s site, since the Pin I pinned didn’t actually direct me to one. Of course I didn’t use the brand name cinnamon but guess what! They turned out just as good. I also pressed my dough into molds instead of using cookie cutters. I wanted more of a 3D look to them. They were a little difficult to get out of the mold, I greased it first then used a toothpick to pry up the edges. I then etched in the names of people I’d bought gifts for and baked them.

One suggestion I’d make is to ensure that your dough is firmly pressed together. It tends to be a bit like pie dough, it doesn’t like to form together once it’s been separated. If this happens, it will likely come out of the oven looking a little cracked.

These were very easy to make so if you want to add a little flair to your gifts this year or want to put some on your Christmas tree, give them a shot! You’re sure to love the outcome.


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