I’m glad you’ve made it to my blog! Who am I you might ask? Well, I’m just a normal working lady like most nowadays. But for a little background, I’m a chef turned accountant turned who knows? I dabble in a bit of everything from photography to writing to home design. I’m newly wed and have been making Pinterest projects since Pinterest came out into this world. My husband usually ends up being dragged into my projects in one way or another, but I’m glad he doesn’t mind! (most of the time)

Now as many know, Pinterest is addictive at times and often makes you want to try things out or make things. However, upon trying things, some discover that the post is not feasible or they can’t make it look as good as Pinterest always does. So this is where my inspiration came from. I’ve decided that I’m going to try out the pins for you! I’ll test and post pins every now and then, review it and post my outcomes. If there’s a Pin out there that you want me to try out then send me a PinREquest and I’ll do my best to give it at try! I hope you enjoy joining me on my PinQuest journey!




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