Chicken and Basil Stir-Fry

What do you think of when you think fresh Basil?

I know for certain that I don’t think stir-fry. I think of fresh bruschetta, crisp salads, sandwiches with a touch of spicy basil…definitely not stir-fry.  But what do you do when you have an abundance of basil and have already eaten too many tomatoes and salads over the summer? This was the question I went in search of answering when I found a Pin leading to this recipe on the Martha Stewart website.

First of all, lets state that the photo on her site is vastly misleading. With the amount of soy sauce that is in the recipe, there is no way to achieve that light coloured feel (Yes, colour has a feel). Thus, below is a photo of the actual dish I served.


However, the meal itself wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t anything to run out and make immediately, but it was decent as far as stir-fry’s go. As their comment for introducing the recipe states “If you see Thai basil (also called holy basil) at your market, give it a try.” I would describe this dish as exactly that, if you have too much kicking around it’s worth a meal. But I wouldn’t venture to say, “seek out this basil and try this recipe, it’ll blow your mind!” Or tastebuds in this case.


Rice Noodle Veggie-Chicken Dinner

This recipe is sure to be a favourite once you try it! While searching for dinner last night, I found a recipe for Rice Noodle Veggie-Tofu Salad on My Now being that we’re meat lovers in this house and don’t care much for tofu, I decided to substitute in chicken. I also turned it into a warm pasta rather than a pasta salad, since I had to cook the chicken. I’m sure it would be just as good with tofu though.

The recipe itself was fantastic! The marinade was extremely flavourful and the chicken was the star of this dish. All the different vegetables made it filling and every bite had a bit of a different flavour to it. I especially like the use of rice noodles as a change from the every day pasta dish.

The marinade was so tasty that I will most likely try it with grilled chicken, baked chicken or even pork tenderloin.

This is a must try recipe!